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pH Values Of A Dogs Body

The pH level is one of the most important balance system of the body. Fluids in the body function to provide digestion, lubrication, protection, nutrients and oxygen transportation. To perform these functions, the acid levels must be varied to match the bodily function. Overall levels of acidity or alkalinity are measured on a pH scale and must be carefully controlled in each body. Tissues need oxygen to remain healthy, but acidic environments prevent oxygen from reaching the body’s tissue. Canine Caviar uses herbs and ingredients along with our unique processing procedure to create an alkaline diet.

Choose Alkaline®

It is our responsibility to provide our pets with the happiest, healthiest and longest life possible. Canine Caviar’s limited ingredient dog food ensures this is possible.

Feed Alkaline®

Our single protein dog food diet is the closest way to how a wolf or wild dog would eat in nature.

Live Alkaline®

We help allergy & skin issues, settle digestive upsets, reduce scratching & hotspots, reduce anaerobic activity and increase aerobic activity (aging).

Discover The Benefits:

Closest Diet To How A Wolf Or Wild Dog Would Eat In Nature
Wolves and wild dogs’ natural diet is Alkaline. This diet allows for optimal nutrition while maintaining great pH balance. A prey’s blood, intestines and spinal fluid ARE all alkaline. Our dog food mimics this wild dog lifestyle.
Raw Alternative & Raw Diet Compliment
The most natural approach for a raw diet alternative. Canine Caviar's approach alkalizes the body and provides the closest diet to what a wolf or wild dog would eat in nature. See Above section. A strictly raw diet is very acidic, and therefore it is usually recommended that you fast your dog once a week to flush out the acidic fluids. Feeding Canine Caviar as a compliment helps to alkalize the dogs body simultaneously while feeding a raw diet. If complimenting a raw diet with Canine Caviar, make sure to feed separately and not in the same meal. (I.e. raw in the morning and Canine Caviar at night, or vise versa.) Did you know? We recommend feeding your dog one bag of special needs a year to detox.
Limited Ingredient Diet | Single Protein | Single Complex Carbohydrate
Wild dogs don’t tend to feed a wide array of animals on a daily basis. They will tend to eat a specific animal for the day and switch prey as the week progresses. Canine Caviar’s single ingredient dog food imitates this behavior.Our dog food products contain one single protein and one complex carbohydrate.
Protein Rotation for Amino Acid Diversity
Canine Caviar believes in Protein Rotation. Dogs in the wild eat whatever they are able to hunt for the day. This change in proteins keeps dogs healthy and strong. The amino acids inside the protein help the dogs’ immune system.
Proper pH Balance 7.1-7.4
The pH level is one of the most important balance systems of the body. Dogs depend on a healthy pH balance to be at their best. Canine Caviar dog food is the ONLY dog food on the market that is designed to cater to this need.
Protects against health concerns, degenerative diseases + reduce anaerobic activity (aging)
Canine Caviar’s limited ingredient dog food is Holistic. Holistic dog food helps address health concerns related to your dog.We address health concerns such as diabetics, degenerative disease, kidney, liver and heart disease.
Helps Reduce Shedding, scratching and hotspots.
An optimum omega-3 and omega-6 balance. All of Canine Caviar’s products are Hypoallergenic. There are NO chemical preservatives, by-products, GMOs, BHA, BHT and ethoxyquin. Our limited ingredient dog food products are always gluten free and low sodium.
Puts More Oxygen In The Cells
Tissues and blood need oxygen to remain healthy. Acidic-heavy diets can prevent oxygen from reaching the body’s tissue. That’s why an Alkaline diet is always best.

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Overall rating: ★★★★★ based on 43 reviews.

Deliciously good and good for her

"We finally got a replacement shipment of Bella's favorite snack: Canine Caviar Dried Sweet Potato chews. While waiting for Chewy.com to get it back in stock, we made the mistake of buying a replacement sweet potato chew (Crump's) and our dog has not spoken to us since. When I opened the new Canine Caviar packet, I noticed that it had been vacuum sealed for freshness. Each piece was moist and tender; similar to dried apricots. I decided to try a little experiment: I offered Bella a piece of Crump's, holding it closer to her mouth and held back the Canine Caviar. Bella ignored the dried, brown offering and went for the soft, orange, tender treat. I can't blame her. We have learned our lesson and will stick with the Canine Caviar from now on. Hopefully Chewy.com will work to keep it in stock. P.S. Good news! Bella is now talking to us again.”

- Paul Staunton

Love your dried sweet potatoes

"Thank you for making dried sweet potato treats for dogs. My dog Bella loves your chewy sweet potatoes. We even cut them into strips for quick treats when we are bicycling. I feel good about giving her pure sweet potatoes, and she acts like they are taffy for dogs.”

- Victoria Malmer

My Shibas Favorite Food

“My Shiba has been on about 4 different foods. One I got from the breeder which I liked but could only buy through her which was unreliable. So I switched to another at a store about 20 minutes away and it was horrible for her. Then the one that was in my town and she liked it it worked good but moving away I could no longer find it so I chose Canine Caviar cause the ingredients were nice and simple while being grain and gluten free. Plus the name is fancy and sounds like royalty for my little princess. I had a little bit of her old food left over to mix with the new and she just picked out the Canine Caviar and spit out the old brand. Never want to change her food again shes been so happy and healthy and I never have to worry about her not eating”

- Courtney Shea



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